—  Our Story  —

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The Leadfoot story is a simple one. Two friends met in their early college years and shared a love of beer. They each followed their own paths, but during their journeys they continued their research (yes, we consider drinking beer "research"). A trip to Prague in 1993 didn't hurt, tasting original Pilsners in the Motherland was quite an honor. They continued their research as they worked and traveled.  Stops in Germany, Ireland, London and Manchester proved beneficial. Stops in Japan and Taiwan left lasting impressions of worldly opinions on their favorite subject matter: fine crafted beers.

The Leadfoot idea became serious in 2013, with a commitment to patience and quality. A painstaking search for a Brewery location that would accommodate big dreams and big plans led them back to the start of Brewing in Western Massachusetts. In 2017, planning began for startup at the old Hampden Brewing in the Willimansett section of Chicopee, all while research continued.

Slated to open March 2019, Leadfoot Brewing will feature Leadfoot Lager and Leadfoot Pilsner as well as a locally sourced Pioneer Valley IPA.

The Leadfoot Family hope to see you at a local summer event or the Willimansett Tap Room in Spring 2019!


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