Leadfoot Brewing will begin production in the Willimansett neighborhood of Chicopee, MA, on site of the original Hampden Brewing location which first began production in 1894


The Glynn family started the Highland Brewery in 1868 in Springfield, MA before expanding their operations to Chicopee and starting the Hampden Brewing Company. 


In 1948, the Chicopee Brewery purchased the Harvard Brewing Co. of Lowell, MA and became known as the Hamden-Harvard Brewery Inc. The legendary Hampden Ale remained the local beer of choice throughout its production run in Chicopee.  


The Piels Brothers of Brooklyn, NY purchased the Chicopee Brewery and began phasing out the Hampden brand.  When Schaefer Beer took over the Piels brand, the Chicopee location was closed in 1975.


Leadfoot Brewing began renovations in 2017 of a large metal building that was erected for can and bottle storage in 1961 on the North side of the packaging hall. 


The roughly 5,500 square foot building will serve as both Brewery and tasting hall, set to open in spring 2019.  

We hope you can visit us as we begin a new chapter in Chicopee Brewing with history and character!